RASP 2Km resolution for the Jura mountain : mesoscale weather forecast model for glider pilots           

RASP = Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction.    BL = (convective) Boundary Layer.    Z = GMT = UTC = Universal Time (Greenwich time).    CET = Central European Time (winter) = Z+1.   CEST = Central European Summer Time = Z+2.

EVENING forecast for the next day and MORNING forecast for the current day at 09Z, 12Z and 15Z. Last forecast carried out on Wednesday 26 September 2012 at 17:20Z for Thursday 27 September 2012

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Date Thursday 27
September 2012

Height of BL top 09Z 12Z 15Z
BL depth 09Z 12Z 15Z
BL top uncertainty and variability 09Z 12Z 15Z
Thermal updraft velocity (W*) 09Z 12Z 15Z
Buoyancy/Shear ratio 09Z 12Z 15Z
BL Max up/down motion (convergence areas) 09Z 12Z 15Z
Surface winds 09Z 12Z 15Z
BL winds 09Z 12Z 15Z
BL top winds 09Z 12Z 15Z
Wind barbs & vertical velocity at 900 hPa 09Z 12Z 15Z
Wind barbs & vertical velocity at 850 hPa 09Z 12Z 15Z
Wind barbs & vertical velocity at 800 hPa 09Z 12Z 15Z
Wind barbs & vertical velocity at 750 hPa 09Z 12Z 15Z
Wind barbs & vertical velocity at 700 hPa 09Z 12Z 15Z
Surface air temperature 09Z 12Z 15Z
Surface dew point 09Z 12Z 15Z
Relative (pct) sunshine 09Z 12Z 15Z
BL cloud cover (Cu, sc, st) 09Z 12Z 15Z
Cumulus cloud base 09Z 12Z 15Z
Overcast development potential 09Z 12Z 15Z
CAPE - thunderstorm trend 09Z 12Z 15Z
3h accumulated total precipitation 6-9Z 9-12Z 12-15Z
macroscale snow cover 12Z
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Developped by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, meteorologist - Implemented by J. Oberson and A.Hugonnaud for the Jura mountain (february 2011). It is not guarantee that this model will be operational every day. The model software runs on a quadriprocessor computer on Ubuntu-Linux 64bits environment and uses the US macroscale GFS model analysis as start reference data. We take no responsibility in the event of flight mishaps due to a wrong interpretation of these predictions ! It needs about two hours to carry out all the processes until the display on the website. Remarks, bugs reports, suggestions are welcome : alex at airfly dot ch

Presentation and help from Dr Jack :    Dr Jack Home page    RASP around the world    Description of parameters    Detailed description of parameters    About weather models    Tips about CBL and sounding analysis

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